Labrador Retriever Riding in Style

It wasn’t a dream or a figment of my imagination.
I actually saw a goggle-wearing Labrador Retriever sitting proudly in an antique car painted with red flames.  This awesome dog was definitely riding in style and appeared to enjoy the attention of people passing by.

The driver of the car told me that his loyal Labrador used to work as a ‘bomb-sniffer,’ but was forced into early retirement due to hip problems.
Oh wellwho needs to keep working anyway. Let some other younger dogs do the bomb sniffing from now on.  Retirement is working out perfectly, and it doesn’t get better than this!

And then, as I was standing there admiring the car and the dog, an image of my Siamese cat suddenly pounced into my mind:

What would happen if I tried to put goggles on my cat Keona and take him for a ride in a car with no roof?  There would be paws and claws everywhere!  No way would he put goggles on. And if I actually got him into a car like this, he would rip the leather seats to shreds. No. No. No. It would NOT be a good experience! 

I did get permission to hug the Labrador Retriever before they left. So soft and gentle; what a sweetheart!  I waved goodbye as the man drove away from the gas station with his best friend sitting by his sidesurrounded by flames and riding high.
(If anyone knows what type of car this is, please let me know–because I have no clue).

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You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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39 Responses to Labrador Retriever Riding in Style

  1. sarasinart says:

    You gave us a good morning smile, when we all needed one.

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  2. Timothy Price says:

    It’s so funny how dogs will wear goggles. There’s a motorcyclist out here who’s dog rides in the sidecar with goggles on.


    • When I was in school, I always thought I would be instantly smarter if I could just wear a pair of glasses.
      Maybe people (and dogs) feel the same way about wearing goggles? Put them on and you are instantly cool!

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      • Timothy Price says:

        I think that’s true for motorcycle, race car and open cockpit airplane goggles. The steampunk look uses welder’s goggles, so I guess those fit into the cool department, as well.

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  3. Herman says:

    Great post! Always love to be surprised with such lovely unexpected happenings…

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  4. Leya says:

    Now you made me smile! Thank you!

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  5. Steven Scott Bailey says:

    Good stuff there, Mary. When we choose to look for things to appreciate in life, life, somehow, seems richer. =)


  6. Array says:

    Fabulous! 🙂

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  7. rothpoetry says:

    Very cool. Love the photos!

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  8. How absolutely delightful Mary, thank you for sharing. Labs are really people with fur aren’t they?


  9. preetyvarma says:

    Wow… Labradors was bred mainly to be a family dog and working dog breed. It is one of the most popular dog breeds both in the United States and United Kingdom. Labrador which is the other name for the dog. It can be a good service dog, watch dog and moreover a family friendly dog. It is one of the most lovable and intelligent dogs in the world.


  10. camparigirl says:

    Showing this post to my boxers, wondering if they might be into goggles. They seem skeptical but I bet they would look so cool.


    • I think dogs are pretty good about trying new things (cats are not).
      Somewhere I have a photo of a dog wearing a ‘cheese head hat’ and a football jersey….because his owner was a fan of a particular football team.


  11. Lynda says:

    I do not know what that car is, well, other than awesome, but I can tell you that dogs that wear goggles in open vehicles have owners who really care about them! Dogs eyes can dry out terribly in the wind when riding on motorcycles or hanging their head out the window of cars. It can damage their corneas over time. Great post, Mary!


  12. I’ve had Labrador Retrievers most of my life. I don’t find this at all unusual. 🙂 Still, I am not one to accessorize my canine companions. They like simply being in their own coat.


  13. Invisibly Me says:

    So cute, he’s definitely a rock n roll lovin’ pooch! My cat would go nuts (and not in a good way) if this was attempted with him, too. Cats just don’t like much unless it’s their own idea to do it, whereas dogs can be pretty cool and go along for the ride, so to speak, trying out new things. Love the photos! =]


  14. Nice car and a beautiful dog! My guess is that the car was assembled from a kit and from various parts from who knows where.


  15. Wow – what a fun capture – the dog is game and the vehicle is impressive too :)) Thank you for the smile


  16. blhphotoblog says:

    The dog’s cool but I love that hot rod! Based on a model T Ford I think. Years ago when we had a cat and had to take it to the boarding home when we went on holiday, it would stand on my lap with it’s paws on the steering wheel! You should have seen the looks we got!


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