Password Overload

These days, perplexing little passwords have to be attached to just about everything.  Supposedly, they will keep us all safe from unwanted intruders and  unscrupulous hackers.

Without the correct password, nobody can access my information–not even me.  I have lost track of the amount of times that I could not get into my own  files or programs,  because I forgot the secret code.
Was this one 56 br*30+7 ~ …or…65br*30#?
No!  Wait. I  remember!
The last time that I couldn’t log on, I simply opted to change the  password.
Yes. I wrote the new code on a napkin, but then….I accidentally threw it out?
The trash went out this morning. Too late.  Frustration!

Tonight, I took a deep breath and bravely counted all of my current passwords.
Turns out, I have a grand total of  32. Each one is a 10 digit (or longer) random combination of capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.  As instructed, I did not use common names or familiar terms that I could easily recall, because then someone else might be able to remember it too.  To make matters even worse, some of these passwords automatically expire after 30 days and have to be changed  again (to further protect me from myself and others).
I admit it. My mind hurts.
Drowning in passwords and overwhelmed by technology, sometimes I just want to run away and leave all of my passwords far behind.

About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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4 Responses to Password Overload

  1. Carla Marvin says:

    Ha! I know exactly how you feel! My husband uses something called RoboForms, which stores all of your passwords for you and then you only have to remember ONE master password which you input each time a site requires a password to be entered….and then RoboForms will enter the correct password from your storage. He says it’s sooooo much easier.


    • Well…here it is…2 years later. I always respond to comments, so I guess I completely missed yours. Sorry about that!
      I have managed to accumulate a few more passwords since I wrote this blog. Now I have a few passwords that do not allow me to include any words from the dictionary…. Sigh.


  2. Lani Calder says:

    Thank you for your Christmas card and the link to this webpage, Mary. I recognized your cats! And I also recognized the photo with you in your father’s arms as a child, from when you had all those photos on facebook of your siblings, etc. I loved reading all of this and REALLY loved all your beautiful photos. I decided to write my “comment” on the message about passwords. Alex and I have been thinking about changing all of ours…for 2 1/2 years we’ve been thinking about it! Sigh. Life has simply gotten too complicated. I think I’ll go get a pedicure instead.


    • Don’t know if you ever saw my reply because I put it in the wrong place, of course. (I haven’t changed. Organization is not my strong point).
      Here ’tis:
      Pedicure definitely makes more sense!
      One day, I am going to find the tape of you playing the Ave Maria (with the Hawaiian birds in the background), sing along with it…and post it. Some things in life should not be lost!


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