Sunset Stories in Silhouettes

When day meets night
on the edge of time,
sunset stories speak
in dark silhouettes.
Standing in shadows cast by the fading sun, the man with his hand suspended in air appeared to be telling the age-old story of the big fish that got away. Perhaps he was saying:

“Yep. I’m not kidding…that fish was at least 6 or 7 feet long and fought like the devil! Why, it weighed so much, it broke my best fishing pole in half. It was a great experience, even though I lost the fish in the end.Β  I wish you had been there to see it for yourself!”Sunset-Silhouettes
As shades of orange light continued to spread across the sky and shadows deepened, human words suddenly came to the end of their meaning. In silence, people gathered together to witness the sun’s warm colors melting into and embracing the coming darkness.

Nature reminds us that everything in this world has a beginning and an end. Life is short. How wonderful it is to find others who want to share their stories and experiences with us along the way!
Thank you so much for visiting!Β  ~ ms

**Photos taken at Chincoteaque Island, Virginia


About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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52 Responses to Sunset Stories in Silhouettes

  1. sarasinart says:

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful sunset.


  2. beingeternal says:

    “sunset stories speak
    in dark silhouettes”. – This is just amazing. Lovely pictures and beautiful words.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Breathtaking – Mother Nature at its best as well as the photographer – thanks for sharing Mary!


  4. Tiny says:

    Lovely sunset stories, both pictures and the voice telling them!


    • I definitely enjoyed being there to see the end of the last day of August. There is something very mystical about sunrises and sunsets. Nothing ever dies, ‘day’ and ‘night’ simply alter their appearance. Tricked by changes in colors, shape, and forms–we continue to give different names to the same thing, creating many from the one. So interesting!


  5. blmaluso says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us:-)


  6. laurie27wsmith says:

    These are great Mary.


  7. nodimlight says:

    Gorgeous silhouette capture!


  8. Lovely pictures and story behind of them!
    One fisherman showed the size of the fish spreading his arms as wide as possible. People who listened him tied his wrists with the rope to prevent lying. Then fisherman spread his palms and told them that fish had such a big eyes. Lol!


  9. fallcorn1936 says:

    Great pictures. Interesting concept. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. loisajay says:

    Mary, your photos are beautiful but the text adds so much! This is wonderful.


  11. That sunset is just glorious!!


  12. Dina says:

    Stunning images, Mary! Gorgeous sunset, well done.


  13. Amy says:

    Stunning sunset photos! Thank you for sharing your insights!


    • Thanks Amy! These sunset photos were taken on the last day of August. Now the warmth of summer is gone and autumn leaves are falling. Days are getting shorter and shorter, and the cold of winter is on its way. Sigh. I am a summer girl. πŸ™‚


  14. I love these silhouette shots.


  15. gpcox says:

    It has been so long since we heard from you – I hope all is okay.


    • My creativity is being zapped and drained by worry.
      I keep getting messages from a pulmonologist—telling me that there is a “high probability” that a nodule on my lungs is cancer, and I need to do something ASAP.
      Well, I am a singer and lung surgery is not something I want to do simply because of a “probability,” high or not.
      So last week, I went out to the John’s Hopkins lung cancer/lung nodule clinic at Bayview Medical Center for a second opinion (Getting Tricare insurance to agree to cover this was like pulling teeth).
      The doctor at John’s Hopkins said the nodule is either a very slow growing cancer or the result of some sort of inflammatory autoimmune process. Can’t really tell. So he wants to do an EBUS bronchoscopy in order to reveal the definitive answer. A request to Tricare for approval to cover this test was sent out and, after a week of waiting, Tricare just denied the request.
      When I called to ask them why, Tricare said they need more evidence to prove the request is coming from a John’s Hopkins doctor and that this test is being done in conjunction with the Second Medical Opinion (which they already approved). Good grief. The doctor cannot give an informed “second medical opinion” without doing this test.
      BIG SIGH. More time slipping by.
      I am tired of all of this. Seems it would be easier to just die….I am sure the insurance company would quickly approve of that.
      My best guess, even though I don’t know for sure, is that this nodule is probably the result of some autoimmune process.
      There are lots of different autoimmune problems in my family and no cancer. AND I have never smoked.
      Nevertheless, all of this has stifled the creative side of me. Just want to go to bed and pull the blankets over my head.


      • gpcox says:

        I am so very sorry for your medical problem and worries. I do know how insurance companies can be, but you can not give up! Perhaps a call directly to the doctor at Hopkins will encourage him to call Tricare himself and help out his patient with your insurance and the cost. You need to try everything imaginable. But, no matter matter what – keep trying. I’ll be thinking of you, Mary.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Just magical, the capture of the mystical moment and the weaving it in beautiful words….amazing.
    Lovely post!!!


  17. Tokeloshe says:

    Beautiful photos and I like the story behind them. I love sunsets.
    Take care.


  18. joshi daniel says:

    that is beautiful πŸ™‚


  19. Silhouettes are magical! So are the words that came with them.


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