One Pink Wildflower

Surrounded by jealous weeds,
a pink wildflower
danced in the warm sunlight
for one glorious day
before vanishing from sight.
in the darkness of the night,
‘something’ ate this flower
and the buds below,
leaving nothing behind
but a broken stem
and yesterday’s memory.

Dear wildflower,
life is unpredictable!
If I had realized
you were leaving so soon,
I would have said goodbye.   ~ms
It’s true. The lovely pink wildflower only survived for a few hours, but all of the tough weeds that surrounded it are still here and growing strong. All things considered, maybe it’s wiser to go through life as an unattractive  weed—there are not many things that want to endure a mouthful of scratchy, prickly leaves and thorns!

About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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12 Responses to One Pink Wildflower

  1. BTW, and without me being presumptuous, you might want to look at my fb page to see how I embed certain words of mine into the picture. With your dual picture, you could perhaps consider a diptych with parts of your gentle poem appropriately placed.

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  2. Sharmishtha says:

    I absolutely agree with your wisdom but flowers, no matter how hard they try they cant become weeds 😦 God wont let them!


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  4. Tamie says:

    Even weeds can be beautiful. 😉 Love that we are able to enjoy beautiful wildflowers, even if their season is brief. Blessings to you Mary.


  5. lisakunk says:

    I feel the loss of the flower. Our entire yard is 90% weeds and 10% grass. But, when fancy grass lawns die in summer drought, our weeds flourish. Tough stuff. And we enjoy the color provided by clover and dandelions. We live on a farm surrounded by city. The deer are cornered on our property and the neighborhoods around us. And, they are hungry. We planted huge gardens for them for many years and finally quit that craziness when we planted 40 tomato bushes and only got to eat one tomato. Critters at the rest. Now it’s Knock Out roses. They were so gorgeous one minute and overnight, kaboom! Gone. What are ya gonna do? The animals have to eat too. Their woods were knocked down for all these neighborhoods so I guess they can trim our bushes, weed the flowerbeds, and look at us with big “doe” eyes saying thank you as they eat the birdseed knocked to the ground by the squirrels.


    • I agree with you, Lisa. The deer and critters were here first. Then came builders knocking everything down. Nothing left for them to eat. Not fair at all. So we take photos of the lovely flowers and imagine how the freshly grown tomatoes taste to the hungry ones who come in the night—and we pray that they enjoy our gardening efforts. 😋

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