Wordless Language

Beneath the setting sun
by the water’s edge,
trees are telling stories
in the fading light.  Trees-talk
Creaking and cracking
bending in the wind,
talking to each other
in windswept sighs—
their wordless language
still unknown to man.      ~ms   Trees-on-the-beach


About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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31 Responses to Wordless Language

  1. Bob Mills says:

    That’s why we hug trees in England! Lovely verse


  2. So lovely, made me feel I needed to stop, rest a moment, and commune with both the words and images…just a perfect combination! 🙂 🙂


  3. kiwiskan says:

    great poetry and photos


  4. What a truly unique blog you have! And fantastic photos!


  5. great imagination – talking trees – nice concept
    with regards


  6. smallpebbles says:

    Thanks Mary! Love Kauai! Lived on Maui many years ago. And trees – of course, all beings communicate – Love is constant refrain. Aloha……kai


  7. Jackie says:

    Beautiful captures and poem!


  8. dorannrule says:

    Oh grand and tender words and so sad the fallen tree…. You are a wonderful poet.


  9. Lucy says:

    Beautiful! As I tree lover I really admire this! thanks for sharing
    Lucy 🙂


  10. montucky says:

    Excellent, both photos and thoughts!


  11. artscottnet says:

    Beautiful verse and pictures! Wishing you well


  12. so beautifully put together, thanks, lma


  13. Love this! Now scientists have found that trees actually really do communicate with each other to help each other in reproducing. I forget but I think it is through the roots. But then we knew all along that trees talked to one another.😊


  14. Ahmed says:

    I believe every single tree has a story behind; it tells its story through the shape of its branches, the colors of its leaves and the way it grows up to give us a remarkable shoot. You can never find two identical trees. Trees are inspiring somehow; they could grow without water and endure thirst from year to year, till the rain comes over to give hope and joy to the abandoned trees.


  15. Those trees are definitely windswept, but hanging in there. Thanks for sharing your photos and words with me Mary!


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