Tired of Winter

Roads quickly vanished
and all cars went nowhere
on this stormy day.
Searching for solace
underneath an umbrella,
four chairs leaned forward
trying to escape blowing
snow and freezing ice—
Tired of winter!
We were scheduled to fly out of the Richmond, Virginia airport on February 13—on our way to Texas.  But alas!  The Atlanta, Georgia airport had already shut down due to a bad winter storm that was blowing in from the south.  Many people had their flights canceled, including us. We rescheduled our flight for the next day and stayed an extra night at the hotel. Some travelers were upset because their plans had been disrupted. However, I would rather have my flight canceled than fly out into a sky that looks like this!

This week I am supposed to fly to Japan and I have never been there before. In fact, this will be the first time that I have ever gone outside of the U.S.   Luckily, the weather here has been great for the past few days (in comparison to what it looked like a week and a half ago). It almost went up to 70 degrees today! Hopefully, by the end of February, winter will finally begin to melt into spring.

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47 Responses to Tired of Winter

  1. kiwiskan says:

    that is certainly one of the good things about having your flight cancelled – better than flying through storms…

  2. Sorry to disappoint but i think Japan is also heavily snowed…Check before you go, happy journey

  3. John M says:

    Hope you’re right about your end-of-February prediction!

  4. laurie27wsmith says:

    Great pics and words Mary. Do I detect a note of, Winter be gone?

    • Winter needs to be very gone! 🙂
      I know winter is important, because the freezing cold weather helps to get rid of some of the bad bugs.
      Maybe there will be less deer tick in my yard this year.
      That would be so nice!

      • laurie27wsmith says:

        🙂 I think after the first arctic storm the ticks and bugs etc would have been slaughtered. Now the weather’s just being narky.

  5. Made me tired just looking at the photos and reading about it. Too much snow for me. Have a great time in Japan!

  6. Heather says:

    yes, I’m tired of winter as well Mary…been a long one it seems! But, yes, I’d rather have a flight cancelled than fly in bad weather…the airlines don’t cancel flights often due to weather so when they do there is a very good reason! I’ve actually taken off in what looked like a total white out with snow and once we got up a ways it was all clear…so we should accept the important decisions like that, even if it is inconvenient! Safe travels to Japan, that would be so very exciting I would think!!!

    • Yes. If an airport says it is not safe to fly, I certainly am not going to argue. I have been on a plane during a thunderstorm and it scared me half to death. I’d much rather sit in a quiet hotel room on a soft bed. 🙂
      It will be exciting to be in Japan. I don’t speak Japanese and I don’t understand the yen, but I will be with people who do!

  7. wisreader says:

    I’m looking forward to learning a thing or two about Japan through your eyes, Mary. Happy travels, to you.

  8. Enjoy Escaping – Safe Travels – cannot wait to hear about your adventures – Have FUN:) Happy Week!

  9. dorannrule says:

    I think so many people are now winter-weary. Your photos demonstrate beautifully how cold and dreary things were and still are in some places. Our sun here in Virginia has been shining for a few days now and the relief is body and heart warming. Bon Voyage re your trip to Japan. You will have so much to blog about!

  10. Have a wonderful time in Japan. How exciting! Happy and safe travels, Alison

    • Travelers as you both are….I should have written and asked for tips packing. At this time of year it is very hard. Freezing cold one day and warm the next, I really did not know what to put in the suitcase!

      • Our most useful pieces of clothing – knitted-silk long johns, top and bottom – they turn any summer outfit into good for spring and fall and are very light and take up little space. And a couple extra layers and you’re good for winter

  11. I understand you and totally agree. We have long, cold and snowy winter this year. It time for it to go but it looks it doesn’t happen really soon.

  12. Mags Corner says:

    I am tired of winter and we have not had the snow here. Those of you who have had so much of it I can understand why you would be ready for it to go away. Safe travels! Hugs

    • Thanks! I did finally make it to Tokyo in one piece. I had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta, Georgia…which turned into a 6 hour layover because there were “mechanical difficulties” with the Boeing 747 that was scheduled to fly. Oh well. Who wants to go on a non-stop 14 hour trip on a jet plane with mechanical difficulties anyway! So everyone waited around until Delta found another to take its place.
      Unfortunately for me, I don’t now how to sleep on planes. Over the course of the 14 hour trip, I must have walked around that 747 about 20 or 30 times. I saw many people all scrunched up in their seats, knees almost in their mouths, sound asleep. Wish I knew how to do that. Now I have a major case of red-eye!!.

      • Mags Corner says:

        Sure hope you get all rested up very soon. I haven’t flown in many years but I hear that flying is not like it once was. My longest flight was to Germany thankfully I arrived there and back home safely. I don’t remember sleeping during the trip but my baby slept very well. I am glad to hear you are back safe.

        • When I wrote the above, I had just gotten safely to Tokyo, Japan. I didn’t come back until a few days ago. Kyoto was absolutely beautiful, and I enjoyed it immensely. But the majority of my stay was in Tokyo. There are a lot of people in Tokyo, and that is an understatement. We rode the trains every day, and I must say that I was totally and completely intimidated by the amount of people on the trains, the trains themselves, and some of the HUGE train stations. Not being able to speak the language or read the characters on the walls and signs scared me too. I was afraid I was going to get lost in the train station, or get on the wrong train and end up lost forever. When I got home on Friday night, I went to bed for a few days. Some people probably enjoy a fast paced life, I am sure. But…..it’s not for me. Give me some soft music…..and a padded room. 🙂 😉

          • Mags Corner says:

            I am with you on the soft music and padded room. Fast paced life is not for me either. I like taking it slow and enjoying the beauty around me. You gave me a giggle when you said you went to bed Friday night for a few days, but totally understand that. I loved Germany when I was there for 18 months. When I first arrived I was scared for the same reasons you were scared in Japan. It was not crowded on the trains there though like in Japan not when I was there anyway and that was many years ago. I was lucky to have met a German lady who knew English very well and helped me learn some German that I have forgotten most of now.

  13. TheMistyLady says:

    Good day!
    First of all, thanks for dropping by in my blog–The Misty Lady–! hope more visits in the future and vice versa 🙂
    by the way, I nominated you “I’m Not Featured On Freshly Pressed” Award !
    take a look in this link http://wp.me/p3NAby-65
    Happy blogging! God bless!
    Break a leg! 🙂

    • I have been wandering around in Japan for the past few days. I am lucky I am with two native speakers of Japanese. When people speak in Japanese, fall that I hear are different sounds and I don’t know what anyone is saying. some places are very crowded, and am trying not to get lost!! It’s all very interesting!

  14. magic,ein happy weekend wuenscht dir alois.

  15. Amen. Just got walloped again. Growing up in Westchester county, I am sort of use to it. Do not mind the snow…..it is the single digits that are getting to this beach boy.

    • I came back from Tokyo, Japan late Friday night…and then I slept for about 3 days straight. I still cannot get over the trains. Never seen that many people, or trains, or train stations. I’m admittedly a wee bit claustrophobic.
      Today, Tuesday, I did finally get up. AND it was 74 degrees here in Fredericksburg, VA.. I hear this lovely weather is going to be short-lived though. High temp for Thursday is supposed to be only 39 degrees. I know that spring is near though…… 🙂

  16. Sharmishtha says:

    it looks like some sci-fi movie shots based on ice age!

  17. leahlarkin says:

    Wow — your pictures say it all: A bitter winter I am glad I escaped. Have a great time in Japan and thanks for liking my blog.

  18. janjoy52 says:

    Loved your monologue with each pic. Great story!

    • Thanks! Now here it is March 23….it is officially spring.
      And a possibility of snow is predicted for Tuesday night ( 2 days from now).
      Oh well. Soon, very soon, winter will melt away….it has no choice!

  19. We are having snow tonight….. Have a great trip! I love traveling in Asia. Have not visited Japan yet.

  20. gpcox says:

    Our summer here in Florida is winding into full-gear, so I came back here in the archives for a cool breeze!

    • How interesting!
      I love the hot…
      So here I am saying:
      OH NO! Wait! Where did spring go?
      Now it’s summer!
      Soon, it will be Autumn again, and then the COLD of winter?! Nooooo…..

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