Two Entangled Kites

An unsuspecting kite
on wings of wind dancing
in the bright sunlight.

Focused on blue sky,
it paid little attention
to dark shadows nearby.  Kite-captured-by-trees
Watch out—NO—too late!
Zing! Bounce! Thwack!
its freedom faded quickly
hung on limbs of fate.

The angry kite cried:
“Why do things like this
happen just to me?”
But then, it saw another
struggling to break free.
a nearby pterodactyl
saw the sorry sight
of the two entangled kites
and loudly screamed:

“Ooooh! This is not right!
I’ll break those thoughtless branches
with a well-placed bite.”
Hopefully wishing
that valiant pterodactyl
set the trapped kites free!   ~ms

***These photos were taken in the open field surrounding the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.   It’s a great place to fly a kite IF you don’t let it wander out towards the surrounding kite-eating cherry trees.

About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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29 Responses to Two Entangled Kites

  1. motherhendiaries says:

    Aww… lovely! (note to self: Go buy a kite…)


  2. Too many trees where I live to be successful with kites, but it was always a favorite thing to do at the beach. Love yours. It really soars.


    • Alas! These are all my photos, but none of them are my kites.
      I did have kites when I was younger, and it was a joy watching them dance and bounce around in the sky…..while I felt the adventure tugging on the string.


  3. montucky says:

    When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite times of the year because of kites. We had little money in those days and so, made our own kites, but they worked fine.


    • Yes! Holding the string, feeling it pull in my hands, looking up….it felt like I was almost flying too!
      Of course, it is really sad when the joy gets stuck in a tree or a telephone wire. Usually that’s the end of the kite.


  4. I so love this kite!


  5. LOVE the quest for freedom in your post!


    • Thanks!
      Since the kites were all flying near the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., I was compelled to throw a quest for freedom in there. 🙂
      “….At the dedication of the Washington Monument in 1885, a speech by then-elderly Robert Winthrop, who had attended the opening ceremony in 1848, was read by Rep. John D. Long of Massachusetts. He said of the Washington Monument, ‘The storms of winter must blow and beat upon it … the lightnings of Heaven may scar and blacken it. An earthquake may shake its foundations … but the character which it commemorates and illustrates is secure.'”


  6. just loved the way you told the story! hope he will be able to set them free 🙂

    kites look good in sky…


  7. laurie27wsmith says:

    Love the pterodactyl. I never had good luck with kites. A bit like Charlie Brown with the kite eating tree. 😦


    • I didn’t have that much luck either. My kites would fly for awhile and then, inevitably, they would get into some sort of trouble with either a telephone wire or a tree. Or sometimes the wind would just die, and the kite would take a nose dive and hit the ground with enough force to cause it multiple fractures. 😉 Sometimes it could be repaired; sometimes not.


      • laurie27wsmith says:

        It was the endless running to get the stupid thing up there in the first place that annoyed me. 🙂 I have a pic of my granddaughter flying a kite, she’s standing there with a balloon animal hat on, the kite’s flying high and she looks so bored. It’s like, ‘What’s so hard about this kite business?’ I tried making my own with brown paper as a boy, fail. 😦


        • Yes. With little to no wind, you can run and run and the kite will not go much of anywhere. However, too much wind could rip a kite apart. Then, even when a kite manages to rise high in the sky and all is going well, it’s extremely important to pay attention! If the wind suddenly vanishes, all of the excess string has to be pulled in fast, because the kite might come down too far away and become a tree snack. Sigh.


  8. Nice kites and poem. Recently I saw flock of Kites on the coast of Northern See. It is very impressive show.


  9. SPFischer says:

    Love your commentary 😀 And the photos bring back fun memories of “watching” others fly kites (we all have our unique talents – kite-flying is not one of mine!)


  10. therapink says:

    I have never flown a kite!! I bought one a few years ago but never had the gumption to go somewhere to fly it. I gave it to my niece and nephews. Maybe I’ll have to see if they still have it, and try to convince the 11-year old that she’s not too young!


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