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Cat Clinging to the Edge of Normal

I do not understand! Why did you let strange people come in and rip out the rug beneath my feet? I loved that old brown, wall-to wall, dirty, dusty carpeting. Where will I go to cough up hairballs now? Do … Continue reading

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Siamese Cat Shelter-in-Place Guidelines

Big blue eyes in a travel bag going nowhere ~~~~~~~~~~ Since they like to stay home and are perfectly happy in small places, our 2 Siamese cats (Siri and Keona) are trying to teach us how to effectively “shelter-in-place” during … Continue reading

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Grasshopper Camouflage

Standing motionless surrounded by old brown grass baking in the sun, how did you notice me and my perfect grasshopper summer camouflage? ~ms I saw the grasshopper from a distance, in spite of its clever camouflage,  because its long legs … Continue reading

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Disco Disaster

Back in 1989, a friend took me to a night club called Studebaker’s, where there was loud music, swirling disco lights, and wandering eyes searching for the perfect date. I didn’t like it there. Two years later, in an English … Continue reading

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Car Creativity Unleashed

Rather difficult to explain parked on the edge of extreme… car creativity unleashed! In the summer of 2013, I saw this unique vehicle parked in a rest area on I-95 (south of Fredericksburg and north of Richmond, Virginia). I don’t … Continue reading

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Two Entangled Kites

An unsuspecting kite on wings of wind dancing in the bright sunlight. Focused on blue sky, it paid little attention to dark shadows nearby.  Watch out—NO—too late! Zing! Bounce! Thwack! its freedom faded quickly hung on limbs of fate. The … Continue reading

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Glass Door Relationships

Searching for acorns, a squirrel suddenly saw the man of her dreams sitting behind a glass door. She stopped what she was doing and ran with great excitement to take a closer look. She tenderly touched his soft dark brown … Continue reading

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Thinking about Being

While I was thinking about being and wondering why I’m here, time appeared before my eyes and melted into years. Yesterday, I was so young and now somehow I’m old? I used to do a lot but now….I don’t do … Continue reading

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Bird Bread Bailout

Back in 2009, when the photo below was taken, the housing market had crashed and different groups were being bailed out by the government for one reason or the other. So when I encountered this flock of birds standing in … Continue reading

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Sleeping Sink Cat

IF you have a cat~~~ Whenever you go walking in the night— always remember to turn on the lights, because you don’t know who might be sleeping under the faucet curled up in the sink not expecting water or something … Continue reading

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Butterfly Apology

Yesterday…. We agreed to rendezvous on these pink flowers, but I have no GPS and to my dismay pink is everywhere. Directionally challenged, I’ve been lost for hours searching through flowers while you patiently waited here for me. So sorry … Continue reading

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Travel Agent from Hell

I was living on a soft cloud before I was born, enjoying the celestial music of the spheres. My existence was heavenly until a strange man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a dark cloak, floated in on a hot breeze. He bowed, … Continue reading

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Misplaced Mold Bowl

When lunch breaks are sandwiched in between work deadlines and demands, eating gets postponed and food often gets forgotten or misplaced. It’s true. I think that’s how a small blue bowl ended up on top of the file cabinet, near the … Continue reading

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Duck Quack Reprimand

What? Where is our bread? You brought a camera instead? How thoughtless is that! Now…. Have you anything to say in your own defense before we quack you away? Yes, actually I do have something to say. You don’t need more … Continue reading

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Tree Reindeer

A rotten old tree dead but still standing cold and riddled with holes, was brought back to life on a cold wintery night when….. Christmas creativity came wandering by with bells, two eyes, and a nose, pine branches and bows … Continue reading

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Low-Tech Computer Screen Blockers

When too much time is spent on the computer and other important aspects of life are being ignored, my low-tech computer screen blockers are automatically activated. They are highly effective! If I attempt to remove them from my desktop and … Continue reading

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