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Dishpan and Buckets

Underneath a tree little Buddha me sitting in a dishpan filled with water. Joy floats easily into an open mind. I laughed when the words “joy floats easily” fell out of my fingers and splashed onto the computer keyboard. Strangely … Continue reading

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Squirrel Dilemma

In  a grassy field a squirrel worked all morning burying acorns. But then… children came to play, and the squirrel was forced to run away. The squirrel climbed up the nearest tree and sat on a limb staring down annoyed…… She had … Continue reading

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Covered with Cattitude

On Halloween night, when the first group of children walked up and saw me sitting quietly on the front porch —they stopped and decided to come no further. I wasn’t growling,  hissing, or howling—but apparently, my calm cattitude was rather … Continue reading

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