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Autumn Leaves Shapeshifting

While I was looking down into water filled with leaves, an old tree with hallowed eyes opened wide its wooden mouth and whispered gently— Why are you so sad? In cyclic transformations nothing ever dies! See the autumn leaves shapeshifting … Continue reading

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Orange Autumn Twilight

Cloudy day ending in a sudden burst of light, spilling bright orange into watery shadows as twilight dissolves into darkness approaching on an autumn night.    ~ms

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Where Up Meets Down

In a place where up meets down uniting above and below… Look down into up and see! Leaves float in water hanging on trees overhead, connected by reflections drifting in-between clouds that dance through lily pads.   ~ms   

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Squirrel Dilemma

In  a grassy field a squirrel worked all morning burying acorns. But then… children came to play, and the squirrel was forced to run away. The squirrel climbed up the nearest tree and sat on a limb staring down annoyed…… She had … Continue reading

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Mysterious Witch of Shenandoah

I have wanted to visit the Shenandoah National Park for quite some time and take a trip down Skyline Drive. Unfortunately,  the weather started to shift on the day that I planned to go. When I listened to the morning weather report, it said … Continue reading

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Bluebird of Consternation

On a leafless branch the bluebird of happiness sits glaring at me. Happiness I once was he sang with a voice of cool blue consternation. But you did not notice because your thoughts were focused on decaying, dying leaves. There is more to life than … Continue reading

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Summer Falls into Autumn Comes

Spring flowers fading summer falls into autumn comes the winter soon. A cool chill enters autumn moves life into death in my heart, sadness. Time aging all things… spectacular colors bring a bittersweet end to what once was mine.     ~ms

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