Seasons at Celebrate Virginia – Beautiful Apartments

Years ago, it was hard to find an apartment with a washer and dryer, much less a dishwasher. Constantly collecting quarters and wasting hours at the laundromat was no fun. Thank goodness thing have changed! Now the newer apartments include all of the appliances that would normally be found in a house, plus additional ‘amenities’—such as swimming pools, exercise equipment, computer/business centers, meeting rooms, etc.

Here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, even though there are many relatively new apartments, I was told that people seem to prefer the Seasons at Celebrate Virginia. Why? What is it about the Seasons apartment complex that makes it stand out from the others? To satisfy my curious mind on a quiet summer morning, I decided to wander over there and take a look for myself.
When I arrived, the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful landscaping. After a hard day at work and/or sitting for hours in traffic, this is undoubtedly a welcome sight for tired eyes—the grass is cut and edged, the trees and bushes are trimmed to perfection, flowers are blooming, and the buildings are painted in colors that soothe the soul. Since all of the hard work of maintenance is already done, the residents here can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Nice!
Seasons-at-Celebrate -Virginia-2

In addition to the impeccable landscaping, there are two saltwater pools. Awesome! For people who are sensitive to the chemicals in a standard chlorine pool, this is a major plus. No more irritated red eyes, bleached out (green) hair, or quickly fading bathing suits.

Look closely! Can you see it? The privacy provided by the natural ‘green screen’ around this saltwater pool is perfect. Have you ever been to a hotel where the pool is totally exposed to a busy road and people passing by? Who wants to be on display? Not me. Truthfully, the first time I walked by this area, I didn’t realize there was a pool hidden behind the ornamental grasses until I saw the tops of the orange umbrellas.
A few minutes later, when I walked inside the pool area and saw the low-rise chairs sitting in the shallow end next to little waterfalls— I immediately wished I could sit down, close my eyes, and stay there. This would be a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

One resident told me that each time she sits on her screened-in porch overlooking the pool, she gets the distinct impression that she is on vacation. It is easy to see why!
The upkeep of these apartments and the landscaping is impressive! I now understand why people compare this to living in a resort area. The Seasons at Celebrate Virginia is not your average, run-of-the mill apartment complex. It is readily apparent that a portion of the money residents pay each month is being invested into making this a great place to live.

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38 Responses to Seasons at Celebrate Virginia – Beautiful Apartments

  1. katelon says:

    That does look like a wonderful place. It’s great they don’t use Chlorine. Although some places that state “salt water pool” still use some chlorine. I bet these places are pricey to rent though.

    • These apartments are about $300 more a month than the other apartments in this area. However, for those who live here and work up in the DC and Northern Virgina area, the serenity that this apartment complex provides is probably worth the extra dollars.
      The apartments in DC/Northern VA cost a LOT more, which is why people live down here and commute. Unfortunately, the 55 mile drive from Fredericksburg to DC/Northern VA takes about 3 hours or more with the traffic. Major STRESS! After looking at and breathing fumes from 18-wheelers for hours, the nice view and the landscaping here (already done) might be a sanity saver.
      I have heard that some of the salt in saltwater pools is converted to chlorine, but it is not as harsh as the straight chlorine added to regular pools. Here is an article that explains it rather well:

      • katelon says:

        Wow.. a 3 hour commute…awful. and yes, after spending 6 hours on the road and 9 hours at work, these would be nice to come home to, although they don’t get to be home for long.

        • That’s true. In the summer, there is more daylight. But in the winter, for those who commute, the typical workday begins and ends in darkness on an incredibly crowded highway (the dreaded I-95).
          Nevertheless, the inside of the Seasons is maintained as nicely as the outside grounds, so it would still be a nice place to come home to—even in the dead of winter. A few hours of calm respite are better than none!
          In the personal section of the local newspaper, I once read a note that said:
          “Woman seeking man who loves the outdoors, movies, romantic dinners…and who doesn’t have to be in bed by 9 pm.”
          I had to laugh. Many people in this area do go to bed at around 9 p.m., because they have to leave their houses between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m. in order to avoid the morning rush. Road Warriors! Thank God for weekends!

      • katelon says:

        Great article, thanks.

  2. Lisa Gordon says:

    What a beautiful place, Mary!
    Someone has put a lot of thought into the design here, for sure.

    • I know! The landscapers did a fantastic job. A few years ago, we planted some ornamental grass in our yard, and when it grew…it kind of looked like it was having a bad hair day. Some parts of the grass grew tall, some didn’t grow at all, and sections of it died completely. Have no clue what we were doing wrong. On the other hand, the River Birch trees and the Rose of Sharon bushes that we planted did great. For some reason, deer don’t touch the flowers that grow on the Rose of Sharon, so we did have a little color each summer. Yeah!
      Anyway, that’s why I am so impressed when I see really great landscaping. Location, location, location….I am told. Some plants like morning sun, some like afternoon sun, some need partial shade or full shade, etc. It’s a lot of hard work and you have to know what you are doing! Landscaping is a fine art, that’s for sure.

  3. I could certainly see myself being quite content there. Gorgeous!

  4. It looks beautiful! But with my experience of condo living what I can say. Just my own opinion regarding to my understanding of style of life. That is good for pretty old people who cannot maintain the house and for busy people who spend all day at work and come back home to relax a little bit and sleep. Three years ago me and my wife decided it is time to move to a lovely condo apartment and we did it. The apartment itself, surrounding area, all amenities, people were nice. However we missed gardening and other house related things. Couple weeks ago we sold it and came back to house living. One more important thing is condo fee that was high like mortgage payment. Mary, it was good said by one of resident that it makes feeling of vacation. But for how long you can stay on vacation. I am not sure for a long time. Again, it is absolutely personal choice. Have a nice day!

    • Many people in Fredericksburg fall into the 2nd category that you mention: “busy people who spend all day at work and come back home to relax a little bit and sleep.”
      My dream retirement would be to return to Hawaii and live there. 🙂
      I keep telling my husband that is my dream, and he keeps replying “we can’t afford to live there.”
      But wait! The ocean, the sun, the sand, and the warm trade winds in Hawaii are all free!
      Those “high like mortgage payment” condo/homeowner fees are often associated with 55+ older planned communities.
      I have often wondered what would happen if a retired couple bought a house within one of the 55+ communities (with all the amenities), and then eventually couldn’t pay the additional fees which keep rising every year.
      Would they be forced to sell or lose the house that they already paid for? A worrisome thought!

      • I like your Hawaiian dream. It sounds sweet. I’ve never been there and have no clue how expensive life is. Might be your husband have a point.
        Actually, for retirees it is mostly big decision where to live unless you are not short in money.😊

  5. Leya says:

    Looks great – but expensive…

    • Oh, it’s all relative, believe me!
      Apartments in Northern Virginia are much more expensive than Fredericksburg–and about triple the cost in D.C.
      People who can afford to live in Washington, D.C. must have incredible incomes!!
      Take a look at the prices:
      Bottom line is–There are more jobs and the average pay is much higher in Northern V.A. and Washington, D.C.
      That’s why so many people choose to live here in Fredericksburg, and are willing to endure the long commute to and from their jobs.

      • Leya says:

        They really look great, anyway – I would prefer living there too!

        • I didn’t put it in my post, but the Seasons saltwater pools are open year ’round. Which means that, during the hot days in September, people still have the option to come home and dive in.
          Residents would have to be part ‘polar bear’ to dive in during the winter months though–the pools aren’t heated. 🙂 I doubt if many people (if any) choose to go swimming in the freezing cold. Actually, one of the reasons the pool areas stay open year ’round is because there is also a fireplace, soft chairs, and a big screen TV right inside the semi-enclosed entrance. Nice!

  6. Susan says:

    It all looks so lovely, I could be very happy there! Starting to think of retiring to a new place and Virginia is definitely on our list.

    • There certainly is a lot of history in Virginia!
      And I know a lot of people who like living here because the 4 seasons are evenly divided…each season lasts about 3 months.
      When I lived in Hawaii, it was always like summer. On Christmas day, local Hawaiians had their traditional Christmas picnics on the beach. 🙂
      The average “winter” temperature in Hawaii is 78 degrees and the average in summer is 85 degrees.
      Since I love warm weather, I thought it was great!
      However, others really missed the changing colors of autumn leaves, the winter cold White Christmas, and the sudden shift from grey to green in the spring.

  7. Jet Eliot says:

    It’s a good sign when your home feels like a vacation spot. Really like the swallowtail photo, Mary.

  8. laurie27wsmith says:

    Oh Mary, what a beautiful picture of that Butterfly. It transcends all the others and they’re wonderful.

    • Thank you Laurie! That butterfly was dancing all around me, going from one flower to the next. So many flowers to choose from; so little time left!
      Cooler air is here now. Leaves will soon change colors and begin to fall.
      Perhaps our butterflies will fly south to Australia and stay with you for a while?
      IF ONLY they could–I think they would!!

      • laurie27wsmith says:

        You’re welcome Mary. They can sometimes be quite hard to capture. It’s warming up here now, summer is just around the corner. Unfortunately the butterflies just fade away and die.

  9. Tiny says:

    Beautiful place! Great photos…I particularly love the Swallowtail!

  10. Sartenada says:

    Gorgeous photos. I love the architecture. Thank You.

  11. Dina says:

    Looks like a great place, Mary. Lovely photos and impressions from a different part of the world.

    • Thank you! That’s one of the thing that I love about all the blogs from around the world. There are photos of so many interesting places that I have never seen before. Different shaped buildings, rolling landscapes, snow-capped mountains, etc. This world is an awesome place, and I am glad we can share it with each other so easily now through the internet!

  12. Sharifah says:

    The landscaping is lovely. Seems like it’s a more relaxed, rather than structured, style. And the little waterfall is such a delighful detail. It’s always great to get a glimpse of how other people live. Thanks for sharing the pics and info, Mary.

    • Thank you Sharifah!
      I also enjoy it when people post photos from places around the world.
      Many of the landscapes and buildings are so much different from anything that I have seen before. The internet and WordPress have given us the opportunity to easily share our photos and experiences with each other–even though we are miles and oceans apart. I love it.

  13. inc says:

    Do you know what kind of flower that is, that the butterfly is on?

  14. Sharmishtha says:

    you guys sure know how to build houses!!!!

  15. Tamie says:

    What a wonderful place to live. It appears so peaceful. I’m surprised that “The Seasons” haven’t asked to use your blog in their advertisements. You have been blessed with many gifts. You are a talented singer, writer, caregiver and friend…

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