Grasshopper Camouflage

Standing motionless
surrounded by old brown grass
baking in the sun,
how did you notice me
and my perfect grasshopper
summer camouflage? ~ms
I saw the grasshopper from a distance, in spite of its clever camouflage,  because its long legs were sticking up and pointing in the opposite direction of the grass. So I thought I would come a little closer for a better look.

The grasshopper glared at me and did not move.  I could almost hear it thinking:
“Lady, why don’t you just go away? I’ve been hopping and semi-flying around all morning, so back off and leave me alone!  I’m tired, I’m wearing the equivalent of a suit of armor,  it’s hotter than hot out here, and I am NOT going to move again just because of you.”

Poor thing! It is over 100 degrees here in the Texas Hill Country this afternoon and nothing out here should have to move for no reason. So I took a quick photo and walked away. Maybe I should go back inside anyway, because more hot things (like snakes) might be trying to rest comfortably in the grass or underneath a shady old tree.
Even with a bottle of water in  hand, I don’t think I’m going to be able to wander around in the hot sun for long. Yep. There is a possibility that my mind is already starting to melt, because I could swear that one of the branches of a nearby live oak tree is watching me!



About Mary Strong-Spaid

You can find me any time wandering around in my own mind gathering thoughts.
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21 Responses to Grasshopper Camouflage

  1. Don Royster says:

    I think you’ve forgotten one thing. You did the fellow a favor. I’m sure the guy or gal really appreciated it. Grasshoppers like selfies too. I can hear her saying in grasshopperese, “See, I just knew I was beautiful. Now somebody else agrees.”


    • You are hearing a much kinder thought! I just saw the look in he/she/its eye…and I saw exasperation. Just wanted one quiet moment, that’s all! I guess we see in other things what we are feeling and thinking ourselves. I am stressed out and tired from my recent move, and you Don can rest assured that you are a handsome as all who see can agree. 🙂

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  2. sarasinart says:

    What a delightful post all around. Keep cool!


    • It is so hot–my first summer in San Antonio! The cactus and other heat-seeking things are doing quite well! I haven’t seen a snake or scorpion yet, but my neighbor has. One scorpion wiggled in under her back door. They remind me of the tropical centipedes that I used to see in Hawaii. They could whip their tails around and deliver quite a potent sting.

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  3. I could feel the heat. And long for it. I love that kind of heat. Great shot of the grasshopper!


    • During the day, it’s a wee bit too much heat. The weather said the heat index today was 110. Walk outside and it takes ones breath away. I went to our community pool tonight and the water was 90 degrees. I loved it! Also fun to watch the bats zing down out of the sky and scoop the night bugs out of the pool–with incredible precision..

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      • Oooo that pool sounds wonderful – like a warm bath. We were staying in a place in Mexico recently with a private pool – we kept it at about 82 and were in it every day – luxury. Also watched the bats every night, but they weren’t scooping night bugs from the pool.


        • Well, one night, the bats missed a wolf spider “night bug’ that happened to be standing on my head (I didn’t know it was there). Perhaps the spider was hoping that I would ferry it to the other side of the pool. But we were about to leave, so I got out of the pool and walked into the ladies’ room. The first thing I saw was my reflection in the mirror and a big wolf spider standing proud and tall on top of my head. Auuugh. WHY oh WHY didn’t a bat swoop down and get that delicious spider! HOW was I going to get it off of my head without getting my hand bit or getting the spider tangled in my hair? Unfortunately, I have no picture of the spider because I just wanted to get it off as quickly as I could. I leaned down, brushed my hand quickly across my head, and then heard a big ‘plop.’ The spider landed on the counter top of the sink and ran behind a tissue box. Poor thing was as frightened as I was.

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  4. The direct intense heat of the mid-summer Sun does quickly work on overheating the body. Interesting to discover that Live Oaks are common throughout the south. Plenty of them in south Florida. Love your photos and story, have a peaceful day Mary


    • Hi Eddie!
      There are Live Oaks everywhere around here.
      Apparently they can handle heat and drought very well.
      By the way, a week ago, I was walking on a hot trail in a local state park when I noticed a long, beautiful feather (white with black on the tip)–lying on the ground. I asked the park ranger if I could have it. He said, “Absolutely not. It’s against the law and someone might think that you killed a bird to get it.”
      I replied, “WHAT? I don’t kill birds or anything else. AND, if for some reason I ever got into a fight with a bird with feathers this big, I would lose–and the bird would be taking both my hat and my hair home to show its children.”
      Then, I asked him if he knew what kind of a bird might have a feather like this.
      He said he didn’t know, and he would have to ask the experts for an opinion.
      Someone said it might have been a feather from a large buzzard–warning me to turn around and go back before I wandered too far out on such a hot day.
      I wish I had taken a picture of it, but for some reason I did not.
      I would have liked to have known what kind of bird dropped such a large and interesting feather across my path.

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  5. beeblu says:

    That is a prehistoric animal camouflaged as an oak!


  6. Pat Chancey says:

    Mary – so glad you are exploring the Texas countryside. SO glad your stories will continue from the West – no matter where, they are always fun, entertaining and pictures are beautiful!!!! KEep them coming. Pat


    • Thanks Pat! I hear it has been as hot and humid in Virginia as it has been in Texas. I haven’t seen any scorpions yet…But I did have a wolf spider on my head one night, when I was floating in the community pool. The temp of the water was 90 degrees…I loved it. Wasn’t that thrilled about the spider riding on my head though—it must have thought I was the ferry from one side of the pool to the other. 🙂


  7. I really like the first photo! 🙂


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