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Chicken Selfies

If chickens had cell phones with cameras they could take chicken selfies. Wouldn’t that be fun? They could even choose to spend their free time chicken photobombing on the run! But alas! What if some chickens think that others who … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Talks to Rocks

Why do some rocks walk miles over hot desert sands, and meteoric rocks travel from deep space to dry land? Perhaps, just perhaps, they are trying to find the boy who talks to rocks. They’ve heard that this boy can hold … Continue reading

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Fish Killer

Zzziiing! Suddenly my fishing rod bent in half. My dad yelled in excitement—“You did it! Congratulations! You caught your first fish. Reel it in!” It was fun to watch the fish jump and splash as we pulled it into our little row boat. … Continue reading

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Big Wet Spider

When I was a preschool teacher, I noticed the children were frightened when a spider crawled into the classroom during a storm.  They thought the spider wanted to hurt them,  so they tried to hurt it first. I knew they would be less afraid and more compassionate if they understood … Continue reading

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