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Car Creativity Unleashed

Rather difficult to explain parked on the edge of extreme… car creativity unleashed! In the summer of 2013, I saw this unique vehicle parked in a rest area on I-95 (south of Fredericksburg and north of Richmond, Virginia). I don’t … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Talks to Rocks

Why do some rocks walk miles over hot desert sands, and meteoric rocks travel from deep space to dry land? Perhaps, just perhaps, they are trying to find the boy who talks to rocks. They’ve heard that this boy can hold … Continue reading

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On Wings of Thought

In the middle of the night on a mental flight with no luggage or tickets, I’m traveling light on warm wings of thought flying to a distant land where sunlit flowers, beautiful ocean water and stretches of sand invite my wandering soul … Continue reading

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Something about No Thing

While I was sleeping in double negatives, No Thing came and swallowed up my waking world. Without direction in a strange inverted place lost and all alone, I hid behind the branches of a dreaming tree hoping No Thing would not see, or hear me breathing. I … Continue reading

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Tasting Thoughts of Tea

One pot contains tea leaves steeping in hot water; the other holds thought brewed in its own reflection. From which pot should you drink? Pour carefully, drink wisely!      ~ms **This beautifully decorated tea set was given to me by sushi chef and … Continue reading

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Tree Reindeer

A rotten old tree dead but still standing cold and riddled with holes, was brought back to life on a cold wintery night when….. Christmas creativity came wandering by with bells, two eyes, and a nose, pine branches and bows … Continue reading

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Revolt of the Green World

It was one of the most beautiful Texas days that he had ever seen, so the young king of trees and bushes decided to wander outside to enjoy his green world. However, as he was soaking in the sunshine and breathing … Continue reading

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Behold the Inner Beast

Halloween is an opportunity (and a perfect excuse) for people to dress up and become what they usually are not.  Last year, when a stray werewolf jumped out in front of me, his appearance immediately took my breath away. The simple addition of a hairy rubber mask … Continue reading

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