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Lost Without Language

I went to Tijuana, Mexico a few times when I lived in California. Reading signs and communicating with other people was not a problem for me there, because I had a good understanding of the Spanish language. It was quite … Continue reading

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South Vietnam House—Phở Gà

When  the cold winds of  January blew in, I caught a nasty cold or maybe it was flu? My head hurt, my throat was sore, and I could not stop coughing. I even lost my voice! Couldn’t think, couldn’t write—I … Continue reading

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Incredible Edible Art

In the summer of 2011, when I first ordered sushi and sashimi at Umi restaurant, I couldn’t believe my eyes—incredible edible art! I knew I was still home in Virginia, but I felt like I had suddenly returned to the … Continue reading

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Bird Bread Bailout

Back in 2009, when the photo below was taken, the housing market had crashed and different groups were being bailed out by the government for one reason or the other. So when I encountered this flock of birds standing in … Continue reading

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