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Real and Ethereal

The real and ethereal merge into one thought when winter acquiesces to the warmth of spring and sunlight slowly melts into dark shadows.   ~ms I have not written anything since December (I sincerely hope that I was missed). The winter … Continue reading

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Literary Thief

Someone took 5 of my posts last night, with all of the photos–and put them on something called “Scoop it.”  These same posts were also reblogged on this person’s WordPress site improperly. Photos were moved around or deleted, and my … Continue reading

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Voice of Thought Writing

Born with minds wide open, children’s eyes see an extraordinary world filled with limitless possibilities. But eventually, they will be taught there are no dragons or witches that fly, the sun is not nailed or glued to the sky, you … Continue reading

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Fly Agaric Mushroom in the Woods

Within light shadows stoodorange colors, specks of white,mushroom in the woods.Inedible or edible,bad or good to eat?Is this extremely poisonousor a tasty treat?I don’t know the answerand I’d rather not be dead,so I think I’ll get my mushroomsfrom the grocery … Continue reading

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Love Responds to Love

In 2009, I took this photo of two siamang gibbons (Elvis and Mahina) at the Honolulu Zoo. The loving affection between the two of them was a delight to see. The other characteristic that was outstanding about these gibbons was their … Continue reading

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Appreciating the Writer Within

Since it is the end of the year 2012, I decided to make a little card in appreciation of all the wonderful bloggers that I have had the honor to meet this year through words and photos posted on WordPress. Because of you, … Continue reading

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Tasting Thoughts of Tea

One pot contains tea leaves steeping in hot water; the other holds thought brewed in its own reflection. From which pot should you drink? Pour carefully, drink wisely!      ~ms **This beautifully decorated tea set was given to me by sushi chef and … Continue reading

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Where Up Meets Down

In a place where up meets down uniting above and below… Look down into up and see! Leaves float in water hanging on trees overhead, connected by reflections drifting in-between clouds that dance through lily pads.   ~ms   

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Revolt of the Green World

It was one of the most beautiful Texas days that he had ever seen, so the young king of trees and bushes decided to wander outside to enjoy his green world. However, as he was soaking in the sunshine and breathing … Continue reading

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