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Darkness on Summer’s Edge

Shorter are the days on summer’s edge, darkness comes early. Night shadows reveal natural beauty destined to fade away. What was yesterday and what is today will soon be no more. So please! When I wither and vanish from sight— … Continue reading

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Looking Down on Heaven

Looking down on heaven fading beneath me underneath soft white clouds my spirit remains. Many years ago, when I first stepped out into the Honolulu airport and the warm trade winds touched my face, I felt like I had come … Continue reading

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Wordless Language

Listen! Beneath the setting sun by the water’s edge, trees are telling stories in the fading light.  Creaking and cracking bending in the wind, talking to each other in windswept sighs— their wordless language still unknown to man.      ~ms  

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Thinking about Being

While I was thinking about being and wondering why I’m here, time appeared before my eyes and melted into years. Yesterday, I was so young and now somehow I’m old? I used to do a lot but now….I don’t do … Continue reading

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Behold the Black Swan

Behold the black swan floating between images of carps and clouds in cool pond waters reflecting. With regal beauty and form, the humble bow of the black swan took my breath away.    ~ms ***I took these photos on the … Continue reading

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Voice of Thought Writing

Born with minds wide open, children’s eyes see an extraordinary world filled with limitless possibilities. But eventually, they will be taught there are no dragons or witches that fly, the sun is not nailed or glued to the sky. You … Continue reading

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Love Lives Beyond Death

Love lives beyond death forever on sweet memories of your heart melting slowly into mine. Watching over you each day was my greatest joy. Our 5 years and 6 months together were so wonderful. I thought my time with you … Continue reading

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Endless Sea of Imagination

A young boy daydreams as he rides a bronze seal on ocean waves created by the endless sea of his imagination.     ~ms The Mysterious Seal Rider Adjacent to Waikiki beach on Kalakaua Avenue, there is a cute statue … Continue reading

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Flowers Blooming Bright

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Sleeping Sink Cat

IF you have a cat~~~ Whenever you go walking in the night— always remember to turn on the lights, because you don’t know who might be sleeping under the faucet curled up in the sink not expecting water or something … Continue reading

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Butterfly Apology

Yesterday…. We agreed to rendezvous on these pink flowers, but I have no GPS and to my dismay pink is everywhere. Directionally challenged, I’ve been lost for hours searching through flowers while you patiently waited here for me. So sorry … Continue reading

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Mushroom in the Woods

Within light shadows stood orange colors, specks of white, mushroom in the woods. Inedible or edible, bad or good to eat? Is this extremely poisonous or a tasty treat? I don’t know the answer and I’d rather not be dead, … Continue reading

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Civil War Cemetery Meditation

Trapped in dark shadows cast by a cemetery sun, Spirits of the past stand by nameless headstones whispering sad stories of young lives prematurely lost to death’s cold hand on Civil War battlefields. Courageous in the battle, Confederate and Union … Continue reading

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Shivering Pine Tree

Shivering pine tree burdened by a heavy snow dripping ice cold tears on spring flowers far below… so tired of winter!         ~ms Just My Imagination ********************************************************************** I said, “Wow! The bent over pine tree in this photo looks like a … Continue reading

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On Wings of Thought

In the middle of the night on a mental flight with no luggage or tickets, I’m traveling light on warm wings of thought flying to a distant land where sunlit flowers, beautiful ocean water and stretches of sand invite my wandering soul … Continue reading

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Snow Cold Feet

Birds with snow cold feet quietly meditate on winter’s reflection, appreciating the chance to experience a snowy river. I took these photos during a snowstorm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The birds and I were standing on the city dock,  near the old train bridge … Continue reading

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Something about No Thing

While I was sleeping in double negatives, No Thing came and swallowed up my waking world. Without direction in a strange inverted place lost and all alone, I hid behind the branches of a dreaming tree hoping No Thing would not see, or hear me breathing. I … Continue reading

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Peep of Pali Ridge

On the island of Oahu where wild chickens roam in rocky shadows, sweet little chick eyes sneak a friendly peep at me up on Pali Ridge. But mother’s eyes quickly say: Come no closer, stay away! Independent we must be left alone, feral, and free … Continue reading

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Black-Crowned Night Heron Waiting

Where land meets water under the Hawaiian sun, a black-crowned night heron (’auku’u) stands with no bait, no lure, and without a fishing pole, waiting patiently for the perfect fish to come swimming by.  ~ms 

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Dreaming Eyes

Listen to dark winds caress the leafless tree that stands in moonlight glowing, capturing words of wisdom on cold gnarled branches a thousand dreams old. Open wide your dreaming eyes as thought creates itself here, there, and everywhere wandering without boundaries in … Continue reading

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Duck Quack Reprimand

What? Where is our bread? You brought a camera instead? How thoughtless is that! Now…. Have you anything to say in your own defense before we quack you away? Yes, actually I do have something to say. You don’t need more … Continue reading

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Tasting Thoughts of Tea

One pot contains tea leaves steeping in hot water; the other holds thought brewed in its own reflection. From which pot should you drink? Pour carefully, drink wisely!      ~ms **This beautifully decorated tea set was given to me by sushi chef and … Continue reading

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Tree Reindeer

A rotten old tree dead but still standing cold and riddled with holes, was brought back to life on a cold wintery night when….. Christmas creativity came wandering by with bells, two eyes, and a nose, pine branches and bows … Continue reading

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Cold November Moon

Outside my window on a brightly lit night … See how gently the trees hold this cold November moon in their dark arms. I stand far below looking up from my small world in shadows covered, as  my wandering thoughts go walking on the moon.    ~ms … Continue reading

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Orange Autumn Twilight

Cloudy day ending in a sudden burst of light, spilling bright orange into watery shadows as twilight dissolves into darkness approaching on an autumn night.    ~ms

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